The 2-nd International Beaded Exclusive 2011 Contest in Kiev

25 мар. 2011 г.

The participation terms and conditions

The Fashion Magazine's Editorial board joint with TK FURNITURA Company is inviting craftsmen to take part in the 2-nd open international Beaded Exclusive contest. Craftsmen from any countries are welcome to take part in the contest.

Upon results of the preliminary selection between sent photos, participants of the final part of the contest should be invited to participate in the 2-nd International Fairy Beads Festival.

The contest's subject is The Four Elements


1. Personal jewellery: Seed beads (Rings, earnings, brooches, pins, bracelets, beads, pendants, collars, medallions, chains, necklaces). There should be at least 70% of seed beads in materials.

2. Personal jewellery: Mixed media Jewellery (Wirework, Crystals, Polymer clay, Metal clay, Leather, Soutache ribbon, Fabric, Synthetic and natural fibers). (Rings, earnings, brooches, pins, bracelets, beads, pendants, collars, medallions, chains, necklaces, composed of the listed materials in combination with seed beads). There should be at least 50% of seed beads in materials.

3. Accessories. (Powder-cases, hand mirrors, bottles, cuff links, collar studs, pins for hats, tie clips and pins, decorative buckles, caskets, small chests, handbags, etc.) There should be at least 30% of seed beads in materials.

4. Tablewear, stationary, accessories for watches. (Spoons, forks, knifes, wine glasses, goblets, drinking glasses, decanters, fruit bowls, cover rests, glass holders, dishes, napkin rings, saltcellars, mustard and pepper pots, desk sets, paper knifes, pencil holders, desktop notebooks, pens, etc.) There should be at least 40% of seed beads in materials.

5. The Art objects and souvenirs. Implementation technique is not restricted (sculpture, floral compositions, toys, cigar and cigarette cases, ashtrays, matchboxes, mouthpieces and pipes, lighters, souvenirs, etc.). There should be at least 30% of seed beads and beads in materials.

Requirements to works

Works created in 2010-2011 should be allowed to participation in the contest. The works won prize-winning places in other contests and also the works, which photos were published in any printed matters, internet matters and on websites, should not be allowed to participation in the contest.

Each work should have its name.

Each participant (optionally) should receive an opportunity to represent his/her contest work during up to 5 minutes!!!! It should be possible to make on the main stage of the exhibition in person or by means of a prepared record on CD (broadcast of photos, music and a story of creation on display).

Collective works should not be allowed to participation.

Submitting an application, the author should agree with the term, that ipso facto he/she is transferring a right of publication of the works to THE FASHION MAGAZINE and FASHION HANDMADE Editorial staff and is taking upon himself/herself an obligation to not publish the photos in other printed and internet matters till publication in the magazine.

Application submission and participation cost.

Each participant may submit no more than 4 works in different nominations or no more than 4 works in single nomination.

Each work should have its name.

Payment for participation

- application submission is equal to 40 USD under the exchange rate of National Bank of Ukraine for the payment date. You may submit up to 2 works for this fee. For each additionally submitted work you will need to add an amount equal to 5 USD under exchange rate of National Bank of Ukraine for the payment date. Participation in each nomination should be paid separately.

There is a discount of 5% for the participants of our contests in previous years. The payment amount collected from the contest participants, should be distributed among lease of showcases, advertising campaign and the prize fond.

Applications should be sent before the 1-st of July, 2011 via e-mail: or via snail mail at address: The Fairy Beads-2011, P.B. 99, Kiev, 02100, Ukraine.

Submitted photo materials should not be returned and will should pass into ownership of the magazine's Editorial board for the purpose of following publication.

Application should contain:

- Surname, name, patronymic name (if applicable), full post address, phone number (home, work, cell), e-mail, website address.

- Short essay about the name and topic of the work submitted to the contest.

-Craftsman's photo (It should be published in THE FASHION MAGAZINE and THE FASHION HANDMADE).

-List of materials and techniques, used for creation of the work.

- Size of the work (length, width, height).

-Three photos of each submitted work: an overview and fragments of the work. The image should be clear and sharp; the background should be light and one-color. The photo can be taken on a dummy, a jewellery stand or on a flat surface.

If application submission is made via snail mail, you can send photos on CD or in printed form (10 x 15 cm).

Digital photos should have resolution of 300 dpi and format - JPG or TIFF. The file size with a photo should be at least 1 megabyte.

If the work photo is not clear and sharp (of poor quality) or it doesn't satisfy the other requirements, the work should be accepted for the contest.

It is forbidden to place any inscription, legends, logotypes, filigrees and other images on the photos.

The organizer reserves the right to replace submitted work from one nomination into another, if the organizer decides it is reasonable. Sent documents and photos should not be returned.

Application submission terms

Application submission to participation should be done by July, 01, 2011 inclusive.

The payment for participation should be made not later than July, 15, 2011.

Submission of photos of works should be done up to August, 01, 2011 inclusive.

Invitations to the finalists should be sent up to August, 10, 2011.

Any materials received after the date, should not be considered.

The list of finalists should be also published on website of the magazine.

All correspondence and contracts on participation in the contest are considered as valid if sent via facsimile communication and e-mail.

The contest final part will be held in Kiev from 26-th up to 28-th of August during conducting the 2-nd International Fairy Beads Festival, The 4-th International Craftsmen's Skillful Fingers Exhibition at 15, Brovary avenue in the International Exhibition Centre.

Works should be placed in showcases in the form of individual exposition.

The exhibition exposition set up should start at 4 p.m. on August, 25.

If the works were sold during the show, they should be picked up by the buyers after termination of the Exhibition, on August, 28, at 5 p.m.

The contest's participants can send their works at the organizer's address and do not have to come in person.

The Organizer should receive works not later than August, 20, 2011.

Return and sending of works to the authors after the contest should be made at the expense of the magazine's Editorial staff up to October, 1, 2011.


Certificates of honor should be awarded to all participants of the contest.

The contest participants can take part in the Craftsmen's Skillful Hands Exhibition & Fair at a discount of 10% for lease of a show stand.

The first, the second and the third places should be awarded within each nomination.

In case if less than 4 participants are submitted in the nomination, the prize-winning places should not be awarded.

The prize winning place should be taken by one work of one participant.

The works that are given the second and the third place in each group should be awarded with valuable prizes provided by TK-FURNITURA Company (including kits of seed beads and materials, books, magazines and materials for creativity work (please, look for details in issue # 6 of THE FASHION MAGAZINE)).

Details about prizes for the first places provided by the contest's sponsors, for the best work of the contest will be published in the magazine, issue # 6 and on website.

All works of the contest participants will be published in the magazine and on website of the magazine during the second half-year of 2011.


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